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Caramel Latte Hair Is a Versatile, Sweet Spring Shade


Dyeing your hair is an exciting change for your everyday look, but it can also be intimidating for first-timers. Enter: Caramel latte hair, the perfect beginner shade with refreshing brunette tones. 

The shade can look warmer or cooler depending on your skin tone, but it’s low maintenance enough to make easy changes. If you tend to change your mind about the look the second after dyeing your hair, you can easily shift the shade lighter or darker.

“It sits right in a sweet middle spot,” says Dereq Clark, Wella Professionals brand ambassador. “If you are a person who is a bit weary or apprehensive about hair color, I think that Caramel Latte would be a great starting point, because it’s not too light and it’s not too dark. That shade may make you feel a little bit more comfortable when approaching color for the first time.”

The style looks as delicious as it sounds, and there are some products that make it easier to achieve the look. Clark recommends the haircare brand Wella Professionals for maintaining hair color and style. The brand’s new Shinefinity Color Glaze line is great for new dye jobs, as it’s low-commitment and gives your hair “impeccable shine and a silky feeling.” 



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