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DaBaby Tells 911 Operators He “Neutralized” Man Who Was Trespassing At His North Carolina Home


DaBaby pulled the trigger on an alleged trespasser at his North Carolina home Wednesday night, and now the 911 call he made after firing shots has surfaced. The rapper noted that the man had been “neutralized” after popping him in the leg on the emergency call.

Yesterday, police confirmed that DaBaby was the man behind the gun that wounded an intruder at his estate. He reportedly exchanged words with the man before shooting him in the leg. The man was heard screaming in the background of the 911 call as the ‘Suge’ rapper explained that the man had jumped the fence to enter his property.

DaBaby told the dispatcher that the man knew it was his estate. Unfortunately, he proceeded to enter the property without permission. He also admitted to shooting the man in the leg.

I shot him in his leg. He’s trespassing on my property and calling me by my name. I don’t know what he’s here for, what he’s here to say, what he’s here to do, but he’s shot in the leg. He’s neutralized until you guys get here.”

Despite the screams in the background, the dispatcher inquired about the man’s condition several times, to which DaBaby replied,

“Do you not hear this man, bro?”

The dispatcher then asked DaBaby to secure his weapon, which he refused to do for his safety. The rapper stated that the trespasser could still be a threat and that he was unsure if any other people had entered the property with him.

TMZ reports that authorities ushered the man to a hospital with a non-life-threatening wound.

DaBaby Makes Light Of Shooting Intruder On His Property

DaBaby didn’t have much to say about the situation, but he did make light of it in a post on the ‘gram. The rapper posted a clip of the infamous “N*ggas get shot err’yday B” scene from ‘Paid In Full’ with the following caption:

Chose not to take a n*gga life the other day & it felt great. Buddy ain’t deserve to go, I step righteously. Heal up & live my boy! Just don’t bring ya aback.”

While there has been no word about DaBaby facing any consequences for the shooting, criminal charges seem unlikely, being that North Carolina is a stand your ground state.

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