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The Straightforward Approach to Roll Your Dough Into the Form You Truly Want


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If solely pie recipes requested you to roll the dough into an amoeba form. I’m wonderful at that one. However perfect circles or rectangles of dough? That takes a number of reps.

Pies, cut-out cookies, cinnamon rolls, and danishes require a dough that’s rolled out into a particular form. In the event you resolve to take the I’ll-fix-it-later method (roll it out wonky, use a knife to chop the form out later), you find yourself with a heap of pointless waste. So form it earlier than you roll.

It doesn’t seem to be this could make a distinction, but it surely does. I spent years getting miffed each time I rolled out a Pac-Man-shaped double crust. It wasn’t till I went to pastry college that I discovered dough will all the time roll out into the identical form it begins in. (I simply saved you a bundle on tuition, you’re welcome.) In the event you begin with a circle, you’ll find yourself with a flat circle. If you begin with a jagged clump, you’ll get a flat, jagged clump. The rationale I saved ending up with half-moons when making a double crust recipe is as a result of the wording in lots of recipes advise chilling your dough in that form. The directions inform us to work the dough right into a ball and “cut up the dough,” “divide the dough,” or “reduce the dough in half.” Appears easy–reduce the sphere of dough in half. Many of us will wrap, chill, after which attempt to roll out this form as is. It’s a nasty begin to making a round pie crust. It’s nice approach to get a Pac-Man form although.

To get the geometric form you want, attempt to create a uniform combination within the form you need earlier than you get rolling. For pie crust, divide the crumbly combination earlier than you compact it. Work the dough as separate crust parts, then wrap them as particular person discs earlier than they relaxation. For laminated or yeast dough, form it earlier than you set it apart to relax, or after the primary proof simply earlier than you roll it. For any rectangular shapes that relaxation within the fridge, use the wrap to assist encourage the formation of sharp corners. When making reduce out cookies, form the dough by kneading it briefly in your palms to discourage dry, crumbly edges. Then, press the dough in your work floor to create the right form earlier than you hit it with the pin.

Use this shaping method to your benefit and experiment with baking new shapes. Pies are scrumptious as rounds, however what a limitation! Have you ever tried making an oblong pie in your loaf tin? Or a hen pot pie for 12 individuals in a 13x9-inch casserole dish? Perhaps your Christmas cookie stamps are triangular timber. In that case, you’ll be able to roll out a large triangle to optimize dough utilization. Don’t fear, when it’s time to make a large amoeba sugar cookie you’ll be able to nonetheless fall again on outdated habits.




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