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20 of the Most Misunderstood and Misinterpreted Films Ever Made


It’s that spinning prime, proper? Totems just like the steel prime let characters in Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending fashionable traditional know in the event that they’re awake or deep inside their very own unconscious. Within the closing moments, Leo DiCaprio’s Dom Cobb spins the highest (if it spins and stops, it means one factor, if it spins indefinitely, one other), however opts to not stick round to see the outcome—because the viewers, we’re not aware about the reply, both.

Viewers have debated the character’s destiny ever since, however that binary selection is, in some ways irrelevant: because the film suggests, and as Christopher Nolan has himself stated (kind of), actuality can look completely different to completely different folks, and outdoors observers aren’t greatest suited to guage anybody’s subjective actuality. So whereas the controversy over totem is fascinating, the film’s ending doesn’t activate whether or not or not the highest falls. In the end, the truth that it doesn’t matter is the purpose.

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