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Easy methods to Get Rid of That Musty Mothball Odor


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Some scents are instantly recognizable: Freshly lower grass, bread baking within the oven, and mothballs. For those who’ve are available contact with clothes or any kind of textiles which were saved for lengthy durations of time—they usually haven’t been fully destroyed—likelihood is you’ve encountered (and smelled) mothballs.

And whereas the unmistakeable aroma of mothballs is commonly related to the houses of our grandparents or different older adults, they continue to be in use at present for one easy cause: They work.

Happily, there are methods to get that odor out of these classic scarves you picked up at a flea market, the suitcase out of your dad and mom’ attic, and people heirloom tablecloths which were sitting in the identical drawer for the reason that Eisenhower administration. Right here’s what to know.

Easy methods to get mothball scent out of clothes and textiles

It’s greatest to embark in your quest to take away that musty mothball scent from objects of clothes or different textiles understanding that there’s a superb probability it’ll be an uphill battle—that scent has some critical staying-power. For that reason, you might have to attempt a couple of of those strategies to ditch the stench:

Ventilate outside

Cling the clothes or textiles outside for a few hours, ideally on a day with a mild breeze. Chances are you’ll want to do that for a number of days.

Retailer with cedar or charcoal

Take away the objects from the closet or container the place they’ve been saved, and put them in a special closet or container (that doesn’t scent like mothballs). Then put a cedar plank or sachet and/or some charcoal in with them to soak up the odors.

Wash with vinegar

If the merchandise is washable and never too delicate, observe the care directions on the label to both machine- or hand-wash it. Both method, begin with vinegar. Add one cup of white vinegar to your washer (in lieu of detergent), or mix a solution of 1 half white vinegar to eight components heat water, and let the objects sit in it for an hour earlier than rinsing.

After the vinegar cleanse, run it via the washer or hand-wash utilizing your common detergent or cleaning soap. As soon as that’s completed, scent the material. If it nonetheless smells like mothballs, attempt soaking it within the vinegar and water combination once more and rewashing. The necessary factor is that you just don’t allow the clothing or textiles to dry with the odor nonetheless hooked up, or it’s not going anyplace.



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