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Learn how to Hold Woodpeckers Away From Your Home


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Even in the event you’re not essentially the most avid birdwatcher, you may in all probability determine a woodpecker—particularly in the event you noticed one on or in a tree. If nothing else, you’d acknowledge their pointy, drill-like beak that they use to make holes of various sizes in an effort to discover bugs to eat, or create a gap large enough to reside in.

However except for being annoying to hearken to, all that pecking can do some harm. Right here’s what woodpeckers are able to, and how one can (humanely) encourage them to maneuver alongside to a unique space.

What are woodpeckers pecking, and why?

It could be one factor is woodpeckers caught to pecking timber, however sadly, that’s not the case. They will additionally peck your own home, storage, shed, and different constructions. This isn’t excellent, as a result of these holes in your house can let in termites, rodents, and different pets, and result in varied kinds of structural harm.

And certain, they gravitate in direction of wooden, however woodpeckers have additionally been identified to peck gutters, siding, and air conditions. Why peck steel and different non-wood supplies? As a result of woodpeckers additionally make noise to draw a mate.

However as irritating and damaging as woodpeckers will be, they’re nonetheless an vital a part of your native ecosystem. In different phrases, you don’t wish to put off them, however you’ll respect in the event that they took their pecking abilities elsewhere.

Learn how to get a woodpecker to relocate

Listed here are just a few methods to maintain woodpeckers away from your own home, with out harming them.

Spruce the place up a bit

Woodpeckers love wooden that’s rotting, damaged, and/or full of insects, so do what you may to verify there’s nothing on your own home or property that will entice them. This might embody changing any rotting wooden on the outside of your own home, filling in holes, and eradicating any useless and rotting timber or logs in your property.

Scare them away with loud noises

Woodpeckers get startled after they hear loud noises, so in the event you see one pecking at your own home, it might assist to exit facet (or open a window) and clap or bang on pots or pans to scare it away. Additionally they aren’t followers of wind chimes, so it’s possible you’ll wish to grasp these in areas the place you’ve seen woodpeckers prior to now.

Scare them away with one thing vibrant

If you happen to’ve ever seen a bunch of CDs strung collectively and draped in somebody’s yard, they (in all probability) have been there to ward off some type of animal—presumably woodpeckers. They don’t like colourful, shiny pinwheels both.



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