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InícioNews’This pocket-sized diamond wafer might retailer as much as 25 exabytes

This pocket-sized diamond wafer might retailer as much as 25 exabytes


TL;DR: A staff from Japan has created the most important diamond storage system ever, in a position to maintain as much as 25 exabytes. Though supposed to be used as quantum reminiscence, the 2-inch diamond wafer is notable for being usable even at room temperature. The corporate manufacturing it plans to commercialize it subsequent 12 months.

Japanese researchers, alongside an organization specializing in industrial jewel elements, have developed a brand new methodology of mass-producing 2-inch diamond wafers. Dubbed Kenzan Diamonds, these could possibly be used to retailer as much as 25 exabytes of knowledge, which is 25 million terabytes or the equal of 1 billion Blu-Ray discs.

Sadly, these diamond wafers will not be changing the SSDs in our PCs anytime quickly as they act as quantum reminiscence. It makes use of a defect in diamond, referred to as the nitrogen-vacancy middle, to retailer a quantum bit.

This defect permits researchers to learn out the particular spin of an electron. It is notable as a result of these diamond qubits can be utilized even at room temperature, not just below the cryogenic situations that quantum computer systems normally require.

Beforehand, a diamond wafer with the required purity for quantum computing purposes was restricted to only a 4mm sq.. Making an attempt to fabricate greater wafers would introduce larger ranges of nitrogen impurities, rendering them ineffective.

Researchers from Saga College teamed up with Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. to resolve this downside. Utilizing a course of referred to as step movement progress, they develop the diamonds on a sapphire substrate coated with an iridium movie. They declare this new methodology makes it cheaper to supply the diamonds whereas minimizing nitrogen absorption, preserving it under three components per billion.

The corporate plans to introduce Kenzan Diamond wafers commercially subsequent 12 months, and it’s already engaged on growing 4-inch wafers.



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